Two Pine Trees Photography | About

"Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life" - John Muir

World-famous philanthropist and protector of nature John Muir always had a way with words, which started from his childhood where he had to memorize over half of the bible.  This gave him the vocabulary to communicate the emotions we all feel when visiting incredible places in nature.  This quote of his caught my attention years ago and has stayed with me.  To me it evokes feelings of rebirth and hope for a better world, always pushing me like a never-ending motivation. 

That is how I see and use my photography, I am always trying to learn and share what I know with others.  I've come to see the world and all the things around me in a whole new way.  I've found the most wondrous and amazing sights in the utmost tiniest of places and things.  I want to share this vision of God's wondrous creation with others.  I want my photographs to help you to remember that beauty isn't just in remote places but can be right in front of you or at your feet.